At EKS Legal Solutions, we believe in what we do.
We combine vast legal expertise and experience
with a strong commitment to deliver exceptional
​and cost-effective employment law, non-compete, and mediation services.


Employment Law,
Non-Compete &
Mediation Solutions

What We Do:

Employment Law Solutions for Employers:  EKSLS provides a wide range of employment law services that are tailored to each employer’s needs, at rates that are affordable for small businesses. 

Non-Compete Expertise for Businesses:  EKSLS offers unparalleled non-compete expertise and innovative strategies for protecting vital business interests.

Contract & Non-Compete Expertise for Individuals:  EKSLS provides individual managers and professionals with affordable expert advice and legal representation in matters relating to employment contracts, separation agreements, and post-employment covenants.

Mediation Solutions:  EKSLS helps litigants (and other disputing parties) achieve positive settlement outcomes in cases involving employment law claims, non-compete and trade secret issues, and allegations of unfair competition.

Third-Party Workplace Investigations for Employers:  EKSLS helps employers avoid litigation landmines by performing skillful investigations of internal employee complaints and sensitive personnel matters.