Not a Traditional Law Firm

EKS Legal Solutions was founded in January of 2015 by Eric K. Smith, after having spent nearly two decades as a lawyer and shareholder at large national and international employment law firms.  (Click “Eric Smith Bio” here for more information about Eric.)  However, despite Eric’s “big law firm” roots, EKSLS is not - and does not aim to be - a traditional law firm. 

EKSLS delivers exceptional employment law and non-compete services at rates that are affordable to small businesses as well as individual managers and professionals.  We are committed to providing each client with the individualized attention they deserve, and we take pride in our responsiveness and around-the-clock availability.  

EKSLS is not a litigation-oriented firm.  Although we will litigate whenever necessary to protect or advance our clients’ interests, we believe that companies and individuals are better off if they can focus on their businesses and professions unencumbered by costly and distracting legal proceedings.  We help clients accomplish their objectives and avoid litigation through legal compliance, prophylactic policies and procedures, sound HR and management practices, clear and enforceable contractual obligations, thoughtful and wise decision-making, and strategic planning and positioning.  We also offer outstanding mediation services that help disputing parties find settlement solutions and escape the litigation maze. 

At EKS Legal Solutions, we believe in what we do.
We combine vast legal expertise and experience
with a strong commitment to deliver exceptional
​and cost-effective employment law, non-compete, and mediation services.