Mediation  Solutions

Our mediation services empower parties to escape the litigation maze.


Our mediation services produce positive settlement outcomes for parties to disputes involving employment law claims, non-compete and trade secret issues, and allegations of unfair competition.  For most legal disputes, there is a settlement framework that is better than the litigation alternative for everyone concerned.  However, embattled parties are often unable to see and agree to the settlement solution on their own.  That’s where mediation is most useful.    

Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution process in which a neutral third party (the mediator) facilitates confidential settlement negotiations between parties to a lawsuit or pre-lawsuit dispute.  Lawsuits often drag on for years, and litigants incur crushing legal fees, suffer untold “opportunity costs,” and endure significant stress as they inch their way toward an uncertain outcome.  Mediation enables the parties to take control of their fate by crafting and agreeing to a mutually-accepted outcome, rather than “rolling the dice” with expensive and protracted litigation.

In addition to being a seasoned lawyer, Eric K. Smith is also a certified mediator with the experience and unique skillsets needed to help parties find a settlement solution for even the most hotly-contested and complex employment claims, non-compete disputes, and actions involving trade secret issues and other types of “unfair competition” claims.  With a vast reservoir of subject-matter expertise and litigation experience, Eric is ideally suited to help parties evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of their case, recognize the risks associated with their positions, and account for the monetary and non-monetary ramifications associated with litigation.  Eric also has an uncanny ability to quickly ascertain and effectively address any competing interests, “personality issues,” and sensitivities that may be at play, and Eric is adept at uncovering and addressing any “beneath the surface” issues that might otherwise be an impediment to settlement.