Non-Compete Expertise For Employers

EKSLS provides a full spectrum of services relating to post-employment covenants, trade secret law, and issues of unfair competition.

Enforceable “Non-Compete” Protection

With the prevalence of job mobility among Gen Xers and Millennials, it is likely that some of your trusted employees will soon be working for a competitor (either as employees or owners).   That’s right, you are employing your future competitors!  And, they are optimally situated to pirate your customers, copy your methodologies, replicate your “secret sauce,” and cause grave harm to your business.  EKSLS helps employers negate these inherent risks by drafting enforceable post-employment restrictive covenants (e.g., covenants not to compete, non-solicitation covenants, non-recruitment covenants, and covenants prohibiting the unauthorized disclosure/use of confidential information).

The courts in most states (including Georgia) will enforce “reasonable” restrictive covenants in employment agreements.  However, the rules for what is “reasonable” and enforceable are not always straightforward and are frequently misunderstood by those lacking experience in “non-compete” law.  We have unmatched expertise and decades of experience creating enforceable non-compete and other restrictive covenants that safeguard hard-earned customer relationships, proprietary information, and other vital business interests.  We craft restrictions that are tailored to the unique qualities of each business, thereby achieving the maximum protections that the law allows.

Navigating “Non-Compete” Risks 

Hiring an employee from a competitor can be risky business, particularly if the employee signed an agreement with post-employment covenants.  We have considerable experience helping employers navigate these precarious situations.  We help employers ask the right questions and understand all the risks before making what could be an extraordinarily costly decision. And, when a client decides to hire a competitor’s employee, we prescribe appropriate precautionary steps for minimizing any risks that may be implicated.  

EKSLS offers unparalleled non-compete expertise and innovative strategies for protecting vital competitive interests, at rates that small employers can afford.